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Product Used: Disco Dust

Product Used: Geometric Heart Smash Cake Mold

Product Used: Geometric Cakesicle Mold

Product Used: Heart Macaron Mat, Reusable Piping Bags

Product Used: Mini Heart Silicone Mold

Product Used: Cakesicle Heart Mold, Popsicle Sticks

Product Used: Silicone Mat

Product Used: Cakesicle Heart Drop Mold, Disco Dust

Product Used: Cakesicle Heart Mold, Geometric Heart Mold

Product Used: Cakesicle Mold, Chocolate

Product Used: Snowflake Smash Cake Mold

Product Used: Scrapers

Product Used: Spoon Mold, Piping Bags, Spatula

Product Used: Christmas Tree Cakesicle Mold

Product Used: Chocolate Bar Breakaway Mold

Product Used: Cakesicle Mold, Mat, Flower Mold, Chocolate

Product Used: Christmas Presents Mold

Product Used: Silicone Cupcake Liners, Spoon Mold, Gingerboy and Candy Cane Mold

Product Used: Scraper

Product Used: Emoji Mold

Product Used: Heart/Round Mat, Oreo Mold,

Product Used: Cakesicle Mold

Product Used: Christmas Mold

Product Used: Pans, Mat, Scrapers, Turntable

Product Used: Unicorn Mold

Product Used: Holiday Items Silicone Mold

Product Used: Hemisphere Molds

Product Used: Brush Set

Product Used: Letter Mold

Product Used: Holiday Themed Ornaments Silicone Mold

Product Used: Cakesicle Mold, Sugar Pearls

Product Used: Piping Bags, Silicone Baking Mats

Product Used: Mermaid Tail Mold

Product Used: Silicone Baking Mats

Product Used: Piping Bags

Product Used: Palette Knives Set

Product Used: Snowflake Cake Pan

Product Used: Geometric Heart Mold

Product Used: Brush Set

Product Used: Gingerbread Man Chocolate Mold

Product Used: Cakesicle Mold

Product Used: Cakesicle Molds

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Comprehensive Cakesicle FAQ’s. If you have a question I didn’t answer, drop it below and I will answer it for you! Q: What kind of chocolate or candy melts do you use? A: Primarily: Guittard Vanilla A’peels (white) and Merckens. Occasionally: Sweet Tooth Fairy Meltables. Yes, you can use chocolate, but it will likely need to be tempered. Q: How do you melt your coating? A: Starting with 100g of chocolate/candy melts, microwave in 15 second bursts, stirring in between. Do not overheat. The ambient heat in your coating will melt the remaining solids. Q: Why do mine crack? A: Usually, because your coating is not thick enough, you put your sticks in when your coating was already set, or you applied too much pressure when removing from the mold. I weigh all of my coating in each cavity (starting with 9g, adding more if necessary), insert stick when partially set, double coat my sides only once fully set. I do not refrigerate or freeze to speed up the setting process. Q: Do you refrigerate overnight? Can you freeze? A: Yes and yes. Q: How do you color your candy melts? A: Primarily: The Sugar Art Elite colors (NOT Master Elite). Occasionally: oil based candy color. Q: My chocolates/melts seized. Why? A: You may be overheating. You may have used an incompatible coloring agent (if the ingredients contain water, you cannot use it). Q: How do you get yours so shiny? A: I wipe my molds with vodka/Everclear before using. You can also use lemon extract or vinegar. Make sure molds are completely dry after wiping. Q: What is cake dough? A: Cake crumbs mixed with buttercream to reach a cookie dough consistency. Your ratio of cake to buttercream will depend on your recipes. I start with 300g cake crumbs and add 1tbsp of Swiss meringue buttercream at a time Q: Is this way easier than the dip method? A: Easier is subjective. For me, it is more fool proof than dipping. But, this method is still not “easy” by any means. It takes lots of practice. Q: Where do you get your molds? A: Amazon, @bakerspartyshop and @nycake Q: What size molds/sticks do you use? Mini or Large? A: Mini Q: Do you ship? A: Unfortunately, no.

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Product Used: Clock Mold, Keys Mold, Card Suits Mold, Rectangle Sparkle Mold

Product Used: Mini Pans, Mat, Piping Bags

Product Used: Holiday Theme Ornaments Silicone Mold

Product Used: Macaron Mat, Piping Bags

Product Used: Palette Knives

Product Used: Round 9 Inch Mat

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??How to full cover a cake in golden?? . As many of you asked me if it's there a way to paint a cake in Golden without a airbrusher, soI bring you this easy me cheap way to make it?? . ??Cómo cubrir por completo una tarta en dorado?? Como muchos de vosotr@s me preguntaron si hay alguna forma de pintar una tarta en dorado sin aerógrafo, les traigo esta manera fácil y barata de hacerlo?? . . I used the luster dust from @cakesbyangelamorrison too..the best luster dusts ever. . . I used the silicone mat for my turntable from @nycake . . #videooftheday #videotutorial #igtvtutorial #caketutorial #igtvtartas #caketutorialvideos #smoothcakes #perfectcake #goldencake #smoothbuttercream #instavideo #goldcake #perfectedges #perfectfrosting #videocakes #videocake #cakevideosdaily #texturedcake #blackfrosting #cakebasics

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Product Used: Cakesicle Mold, Mat, Flower Mold, Chocolate

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??Dia de los muertos Cakesicles ?? You guys been asking me lots and lots of questions of products I use, chocolate, and tools ect. So thought I’d break it down for you all. I typically love to use Merckens candy melts for my orders (buy it on amazon) & to create my content I use Almond bark. Almond bark is cheap and melts great, plus I end up throwing everything away after I photograph my Cakesicles so why use the expensive stuff right?!?! For dusting/shimmer effect I always use sterling pearls from the @thesugarart its what I’ve been using for the past 2 years. In this video I’m using Pink & Sweet corn sterling pearls for that beautiful shimmer shiny look. Molds are always from either amazon or @nycake Popsicle sticks are from the one and only @occasionalpapercuts Mini blow torch is my favorite tool to adhere sprinkles or decorations, although sometimes I have to use edible glue from @littlehunnyscakery or melted chocolate. Hope this helps!

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Product Used: Macaron Mats

Product Used: Scrapers,

Product Used: Silicone Mat, Leaf Mold

Product Used: Piping Bags

Product Used: Mat, Brush Set


Product Used: Scraper

Product Used: Halloween Silicone Mold

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Chocolate for Halloween ?? we just wanted to share this beautiful work that @cotybeth_cakedesign made with one of @nycake Silicone Baking Molds. Take a look at the tutorial and see the stunning outputs. Our molds are able to be used with almost anything including baking inside of them or making ice cream or jello etc. the molds are able to be placed in the oven or in the freezer. Easy and quick to clean and store away. Item : SBM116 Available to purchase online or at one of our locations. - # #nycake #chocolate #chocolates #chocolatelover #chocolatelovers #chocolatecake #chocolatedessert #chocolatedrip #chocolatecakes #chocolatecupcakes #chocolateoverload #chocolateheaven #chocolateaddict #chocolateaddicts #chocolatelove #candy #candymaking #chocolateworld #candyland #hallowenchocolates #chocolatemolds #chocolatemold #siliconemold #siliconemolds

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Product Used: Break Away Silicone Mold

Product Used: Piping Bags, Tips/Tip Sets

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I have a new cupcake video for you today.?? Such beautiful blues! Piping tips in the order used- 1M, 125, 172 and 27. Colour Mill- Royal, Teal, Sky Blue and Navy NY Cake- piping bags PME- Cupcake Cases Sweet Unforgettable Things- Baby Blue Rods • • • • • • • • • • • #cupcakevideo #montezoolandes #pipingskills #cakedecoratingvideos #pipingvideo #cakevideos #cakevideo #caketv #cakedecoratingtutorials #cupcakelove #cupcakesdaily #howtocakeit #cupcakeproject #bakeyourworldhappy #cupcakery #cupcakesofinstagram #cupcakedecorating #cupcakestagram #cupcaketime #cupcakes #cupcake #instacupcakes #cupcakeoftheday #lovecake #cakery #caketime #cakegram #cakelife #cakeideas #cakestyle

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Product Used: Mini Pans, Baking Mat, Scraper, Brush Set, Breakaway Mold

Product Used: Round Silicone Mat, Turntable

Product Used: Scraper, Tipless Piping Bags

Product Used: Scraper, Chocolate Candy Coating

Product Used: Cakesicle Mold, Chocolate Candy Coating

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???????? ?????????????????? ??h?????????????? ?????? ????????????????????! ?? Happy FRIYAY lovelies! Showing off these little delicious Halloween chocolate bar cakesicles today. @nycake has all your cakesicle needs to make these! I’m obsessed with how they turned out ??. Let me know what you think of these. ??Are you a fan of marshmallow “spider webs?” . . . ???????????????? ????????: @nycake Silicone mold CODE: #SIM003 Chocolate Waffers . @thesugarart DIAMONDUST in white diamond for added sparkle ?????? . @slofoodgroup edible gold leaf . . . #crumbsbykaylakors #halloweencakesicles #halloween #octoberdessert #cakesciles #cakesiclesofinstagram #pumpkindessert #chocolate #falldessert #cake #bakersofinstagram #cakepops #halloween #halloweentreats #pinkcake #prettydesserts #cakepopsofinstagram #cakesofinstagram #cakedecorating #halloweendesserts #candycorn #sprinkles

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Product Used: Flower Molds, Mat, Palette Knives, Rolling Pin, Cutters

Product Used: Silicone Mold, Brush Set

Product Used: Scraper, Silicone Mold, Candy Coating

Product Used: Dragees, Luster Dust

Product Used: 1M Piping Tip

Product Used: Rectangle Silicone Baking Mold

Product Used: Silicone Mold for Ice Cream Pops - Mini Tango

Product Used: Mini Size Silicone Mold for Ice Cream Pops - Premiere Shape