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Valrhona Guanaja Feves 70% Cocoa

Product Code: VAL001

Valrhona is known as the finest producer of French chocolate by professionals and consumers. It is a name that carries a reputation undisputed for consistent excellence in flavor, aroma and mouth feel. Guanaja is a masterful blend of Criollo and Trinitari beans that reveals an aromatic range of fruit, coffee, molasses and floral notes. 
Bittersweet Chocolate
71%  Cocoa
28 1/2 %   Sugar
42 1/2%  Fat Content
Available in 1 Pound and 6 Pound 9 Ounces Bulk packages
Storage:Keep in a dry, cool place between 60.8/64.4 degrees Farenheit

USD $24.99 /lb
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