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Round & Flat Brush Set of 6
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Round & Flat Brush Set of 6

Product Code: NY1005

UPC: 812329031173

Set of 6

1 - 5/10" Script Fine
2 - 0" Script Long
3 - 1/4" Flat Shader
4 - 5" Script Fat
5 - 8" Flat Shader
6 - 3/4" Flat Shader Wide

NY Cake Brush set are perfect for all your Decorating needs on your Cake, Cupcake, chocolate, Fondant, Gum past and Cookie decorating..... Ideal for painting or brushing with any Dust or Glitter.

Seamless nickel ferrules won't rust or split. They are double-crimped to last longer and won't come loose after a few uses. 

Brushes don't shed hairs. No more frustration trying to get brush hairs off your artwork. 

Short wooden handles with a smooth finish, perfect for greater control over small details. 

Easier to clean and won't deteriorate as quickly. 

Brush maintenance: 
To clean your brushes, just run them under warm water to wash out the paint and use your fingers to gently reshape brush hairs 

• Brush nylon hair would do not stray or spread while painting 
• Brush hairs stay soft and flexible after cleaning. Brush hairs do not fall out after cleaning 
• The ferrules are double crimped and secure to the handle so there is no wiggling 
• Short wooden handles give you more control of the brush while painting 
• Brushes hold their shape and keep their spring after cleaning 

1 or more USD $9.99 /ea
2 or more USD $9.29 /ea
7 or more USD $8.99 /ea
13 or more USD $8.49 /ea
25 or more USD $7.99 /ea
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