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Surprising Uses for Your Springform & Hemisphere Cake Pan

A springform pan should be a staple in any well-stocked kitchen. And while most people may think of a springform pan singularly used for cheesecake, the truth is there’s a far wider variety of recipes they can be implemented in. From desserts to brunch dishes to savory dinners, springform pans are only limited by your own creativity.

Dessert first.

We love cheesecake– who doesn’t? And we love our anodized aluminum springform pans for those delicate desserts. But there are plenty of other options for delicious desserts, and we like to experiment with our springform pans and see what happens. Coffee cakes with lots of crumbly streusel toppings, or sweet pineapple upside-down cakes, treats that wouldn’t take kindly to being flipped out of a regular cake pan, are a breeze in a pan with a removable ring. Just let your dessert cool, and when it’s time to serve, unlatch the ring and carefully slide your dessert out of the pan. The result will be a picture-perfect cake with nice, even sides, and plenty of toppings covering the surface.

You can also use your springform pan for any regular baking. Since the pans promote even baking, you’ll be left with perfect, round layer cakes with smooth tops. And you won’t have to struggle with flipping your cake out of the pan.

Don’t forget dinner.

Our springform cheesecake pans aren’t only useful for desserts. Try creating brunch dishes, like fluffy strata or “cheesecake” appetizers with fresh herbs and olives. You can also use your pans for hearty dinner recipes, like deep dish pizza, or experiment with baking Irish soda bread or garlic bread.

A springform pan isn’t just for dessert. Expand your horizons, and try out some savory dishes for dinner, or host a brunch and let your family and friends taste your creations.

Cake is a staple of the childhood birthday party. Even as adults, that tradition carries over into our celebrations. But cake, well, it can get a little dull. Sheet cakes or layer cakes are often repetitive, and after years of the same cake over and over, maybe you’re ready for a change. That’s where our hemisphere cake pans come in. A twist on the classic round cake pan, a hemisphere pan can be used to create plenty of fun novelty cakes.

Perhaps you have an athlete in your family. We offer hemisphere pans with a soccer ball’s distinct design, which creates a perfect birthday cake for your rising soccer star. Or, celebrate the World Cup in style with a fun cake. You can also use the pan to create a turtle shell, and invite your kids to get creative with their decorating skills, and create a fun, wild cake for your whole family to enjoy.

With our smooth cake pans, inspiration is merely waiting to be found. You can decorate a birthday cake with any number of character motifs, or turn the cake itself into your child’s favorite mascot. You can even play with the rounded dome cake itself, turning it into a volcano or a lagoon getaway. There are loads of ideas you can apply to a dome cake.

If you’d like a more sophisticated birthday cake, a hemisphere cake pan fits the bill. You can create mini ball cakes, or domed lava cakes, or use one of our larger pans for a beautiful cake that will undoubtedly be the center of attention your next party.

Cake doesn’t have to be simple. By using a different cake pan, one with a unique shape or interesting pattern, you can bake spectacular centerpieces that taste as delicious as they look, without sacrificing a quality bake pan.