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Valrhona Jivara Lactee Feves 41% Cocoa

Product Code: VAL002

Valrhona is known as the finest producer of French chocolate by professionals and consumers. It is a name that carries a reputation undisputed for consistent excellence in flavor, aroma and mouth feel. Jivara is known as the cream of cocoa. It is an exceptional milk chocolate that has pronounced cocoa taste with notes of malt and vanilla. This chocolate is in the feve or oval disc shape which is easy to measure and designed specifically to melt evenly. Use for ganaches, coatings, moldings, mousses, sauce, decorations and glazes. 
41% Cocoa,
33% Sugar
41.3% Fat Content
23.5 % Whole Milk
Available in 1 Pound and 6 Pound 9 Ounces Bulk packages
Storage:Keep in a dry, cool place between 60.8/64.4 degrees Farenheit
Kosher Dairy

USD $24.99 /lb
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