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Almond Paste 2 1 / 2 Pounds By American Almond
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Almond Paste 2 1 / 2 Pounds By American Almond

Product code : IN029

Almond paste adds sweet nutty flavor to cakes, pastries and more. Our carefully-selected almond paste contains 67% select grade almonds so you can be sure that you're getting a quality product.

The paste adds a delicate depth to any dessert you make. The subtle sweetness of the almonds coupled with the natural fruitiness makes it a pantry staple. From scrumptious almond cookies and fruit tarts to delectable almond croissants and wedding cakes, the possibilities are endless!

Almond Paste vs. Marzipan

Almond paste generally contains 2 parts almonds to 1 part sugar, whereas marzipan contains a higher ratio of sugar to almond. The high almond content of almond paste makes it a wonderful filling for cakes and baked goods, adding a rich almond taste. Marzipan is more pliable than almond paste; it is often molded into candy and eaten as is or rolled out as a fondant for cakes. To make marzipan, you can combine equal parts confectioner's sugar and almond paste with a touch of light corn syrup.

Ingredients: Almonds, Sugar, Water, Bitter Almond Oil (synthetic), Potassium Sorbate (to preserve freshness). Kosher-pareve. Not made with gluten-containing ingredients nor made on equipment shared with gluten-containing ingredients.

2 1/2 Pound Pail

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