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The Doodle Pen with 4 Tips By Dinkydoodle Designs
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The Doodle Pen with 4 Tips By Dinkydoodle Designs

Product Code: CBL023

Perfect your piping and save yourself time using the Doodle Pen by Dinkydoodle Designs.

Pipe with absolute precision using the Doodle Pen by Dinkydoodle Designs.

The pen has been specifically designed for ease of use when piping onto cakes, saving you time if you are an experienced decorator and giving a helping hand to those novice bakers just starting out. Much like an airbrush, the Doodle Pen works with a simple trigger that you pull back whenever you wish to pipe your decorations, making it easy to get your piped decorations right first time.

The kit includes 4 different sized tips, each marked with a different number of rings to denote its size: 1 ring for the smallest, 4 rings for the largest. This means you can tailor your piping depending on the size of the design required or the medium you are using.

The pen is gravity fed, meaning it does not require a compressor and does not need to be plugged in. This is great as you can take it anywhere and use it to pipe decorations or touch up any areas of your cake that may have been damaged whilst transporting it. It is also perfect for demonstrations and exhibitions where piping perfection is key.

USD $99.99 /ea
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